1950′s Carson Pirie Scott & Co Clothing Catalogue

November 13, 2011 in 1950's, Vintage Fashion, Wonderful Finds

Early October when I was in Madison,  I visited a number of small antique stores and malls.  One of the lovely treasures I stumbled across was a vintage Carson Pirie Scott & Co clothing catalogue from the 1950′s,  focusing on college campus fashion.

I fell in love with it immediately upon sight.  Not only were the fashion illustrations fabulous, I loved the styling and the quaint notes through-out.  I also marvel somewhat that a mailed fashion catalogue was kept rather than thrown out.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t received any catalogues via mail that have compelled me to keep them rather than tossing them for recycle. Perhaps I’m receiving them from the wrong company?  Who knows?  I just find that most modern-day catalogues lack the inspiration and beauty that vintage ones do.

Without any further ado  - here are scans!  Click on them to view them larger and see more details.


I hope you enjoyed the catalogue as much as I do!