Playing Catch-Up (and Estate Sale Goodies)

November 2, 2011 in Wonderful Finds

Yikes!  It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but life has been crazy busy!  Long story short, we went for a trip to Madison, Wisconsin to visit Arian’s family, then on our return it was a whrilwind of work for Arian and getting back into routine for Lily and I.

I’m just going to drop a few “catch-up” posts before I post about something that I’m rather excited to share.

This post is dedicated to estate sales and antique malls!

I’m still rather new at this whole estate sale thing, but so far, I’ve been very fortunate to obtain some lovely items not just for myself, but for Lily as well.

Before we left to go to Madison, we attended an estate sale of a woman who very obviously never had idle hands.  She had a sewing room full of amazing crochet and needlework, all done by her.  I unfortunately missed out on the hand embroidered linens – but I did manage to score some lovely crochet doilies and table cloths among other items.  She also had some fantastic mail order patterns from the 40′s I was very happy to re-home.  You can click on the images below to view them in better detail.

While in Madison, Arian’s mother and I attended a few antique malls. I was interested in locating handkerchiefs for a special project I’m working on, hats, fabric, patterns, etc and the malls didn’t disappoint!  I was especially thrilled with the gorgeous vintage cottons I picked up and ever since we arrived back home, I had thought about what I wanted to make with them.  I was also amused with the fuzzy purple hat.  Not only is the hat just awesome in general – it was…wait for it…made in Australia!  So of course, as one Australian in the USA to another, had to bring it back with me.

The chicken was very happy to find a new place to live in my kitchen (does anyone know what these were originally used for?):

I wonder what other lovely treasures I’ll find in the future?

Playing Catch-Up (and Estate Sale Goodies)


    1. Tina says:

      I would like to know what you project you will be making with the handkerchiefs. I have a stack that belonged to my husbands grandmother. Need some inspirations.

      • Naomi says:

        Hi Tina.

        I’m making a bed spread for my daughter using the handkerchiefs. I am cutting mine up, however, and making them into heart shapes. I’ll be doing a post about it in the near future showing work in progress.

    2. Sarah says:

      Wow, a bit of a blast from the past for you, but I have an answer to your chicken question! They’re for keeping eggs in! Surprisingly, if you keep eggs in a dark, cool place and turn them regularly, they actually keep quite well out of the fridge.

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Playing Catch-Up (and Estate Sale Goodies)

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