Halloween 2011

November 2, 2011 in Life

As someone who feels she lives Halloween every day, I wasn’t particularly motivated to do costumes this year. We had also been travelling and with that shake-up in our routine, I just didn’t have the energy to think too much about it. That was, until around midday on Halloween.

I was nursing Lily down for her nap and my thought process went like this:

  1. How cute Lily’s sudden fixation with wearing flowers in her hair and a shawl was
  2. Which reminded me of Frida Kahlo, and I wondered if I could whip up a toddler size Frida outfit in time for trick and treating for the evening
  3. Which naturally lead me to think about Día de los Muertos, and how cute Lily would look dressed like that
  4. Then I realized there was no way I was going to keep her still long enough to do the make-up
  5. Then I remembered I dressed as Frida Kahlo years ago for a stage performance, and I still had the costume, and that I know I’ll stand still enough to allow me to put makeup on.

I then spent the next hour and a half impatiently waiting for Lily to wake up from her nap so I could go on the mad, frantic hunt for my costume and to start my make-up. I found the skirt and petticoat right away, but I couldn’t find the blouse that I had made – which was one of the most important pieces! When I played Frida those many years ago, I paid particular attention to her blouses and made sure I sewed one as close as possible in style. About 20 opened space bags later, I finally found the blouse. Not in a space bag, mind you. But! I found the blouse!

With the blouse found, I then braided my hair with a scarf, pinned it up and added a few flowers. Probably the easiest part in the entire dressing

I then tackled the make-up. Fortunately, I still had my oshiroi (geisha make-up), which when applied correctly, creates the most amazing, flawless white base. Not that I applied it expertly, but I still got an amazing base!


Then after Googling for a bit, I settled upon how I wanted to do my face. While not perfect, I was pleased with how it turned out. How did Lily react to my make-up? I made sure to do my make-up using a mirror where she could see me through the entire process. She thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and broccoli and kept calling out “Momma! Momma!” for me to turn around, then she’d burst into giggles. Ahh, what a doll.


My entire outfit:


And out at dinner:

What did Lily dress as?  A very uncooperative Dorothy!  No to ponytails and no to Toto!  But, she still looked adorable!

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